Hello and welcome,

I'm Ahmed Awad, Vice President of Sales Development at Planful and the proud founder of the Crush Pipe Newsletter Community.

Throughout my career, I've been driven by the mission of generating significant pipeline revenue for SaaS companies.

I've contributed over $300M in pipeline revenue to date.

Our rapidly growing Crush Pipe community is home to Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), SDR Leaders, and Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) who share this mission.

At the heart of my work, you'll find a robust dedication to people, metrics, and performance.

I've had the opportunity to shape and guide the careers of expansive SDR teams, including:

  • Supervising teams of over 50 SDRs and several SDR Managers.

  • Successfully hiring over 100 SDRs.

  • Aiding in the promotion of more than 30 SDRs to AE, SDR Manager, and other pivotal roles.

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As your mentor on this journey, every Sunday I commit to delivering one actionable tip that you can immediately employ to strengthen your SDR teams and accelerate business growth.

Each piece of advice will take no more than 90 seconds of your time to read, yet could profoundly impact your success.

Welcome to a world fueled by passion, performance, and perpetual growth.

I invite you to join us, connect, and together let's solve your pipeline challenges.


Ahmed Awad

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